Meet the Taplins.

Hey I’m Lionel.

I take a ridiculous amount of photos of my family, and occasionally lovely couples ask me to tag along and capture their awesome lives, even if only for one day.

Many paths have taken me to where I am today, from playing in a touring punk-rock band to aspiring environmental scientist, and until recently, a nationally published music photographer.

family photoshoot bristol

Steal The Day is a family business –  well, sort of…

My wife and two sons are my biggest inspiration, they give me the greatest motivation I need to do what I do, and they have shown me to appreciate every little moment in life.

This is Alice –  Occasionally helps out with the business side of things, and also provides best wife/mum in the world duties!

This is Ammi – Aspiring photographer and editing buddy.

Albie! – Newest addition to the team, provides tons and tons of smiles!

I never know what to say on about pages so here is a snapshot of my life.

…Ammi + Albie

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